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Get your time back

Unlock the power of knowledge graph and AI technology and stay one step ahead of your competitors

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Right answers in the right time

Timely answers are crucial in today's competitive business landscape. By providing right and factual answers on competition that can be instantly used in sales calls, companies can gain a significant competitive edge, showcasing their expertise and building trust with potential customers.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graphs provide a distinct advantage for AI-based competition monitoring by offering a comprehensive and organized framework for storing and analyzing vast amounts of information. With their ability to connect and contextualize data points, knowledge graphs enable businesses to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions in real-time.

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Embedded in your workday

Introducing the new Slack and MS teams app that revolutionizes the way you access competitor data, battle cards, and answers to any questions, all in one convenient platform. With instant access to this valuable information at your fingertips, you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Your AI assistant like no other

No hallucinations, access to real time data and factual

Quick setup

Setting up and following your competitors has never been easier. Add competitors data as PDF, Video, Audio or URL and we will process it for you

Always with you

Slack, zoom or google meet calls, Tribal42 will be with you to provide you with all the answers and guide conversation in the right direction


Deliver insights in format needed by your team. Select templates gallery of Marketing, Sales and Product team dedicated tools


One solution for your organization

Uniquely customized for every teams needs, sales, product or marketing


Sales teams

Stay informed on competitors' offerings and market strategies to effectively position your product. Empower your teams to focus on unique features, benefits, and customer value.

Product teams

Identify market gaps, understand customer preferences, and develop competitive features.

Understand the competitive landscape, strategically position the product, highlight USPs and differentiators.


Marketing teams

Get instant insights into competitors product offerings, marketing strategies, brand messaging, customer engagement tactics, and more.



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